Historical Rehabilitations

Bringing the story out of your unique treasures

Preserving Historical Legacy

At HomeCore, we believe that historic homes are unique treasures of our community. They embody character, historical legacy, and a uniqueness that’s all their own. Historic homes captivate us with their beauty and within their walls lay insight into time periods gone by. At HomeCore we help you bring out the story of your historic home with a customizable rehabilitation experience. Because of the delicate nature of historic homes, we never seek to alter the original character or integrity of your historic home, but rather bring out the details that best accentuate and compliment it’s distinctive beauty.

Trusted Expertise and Reputation Across Our Communities

At HomeCore, we don’t take your decision to renovate your historic home lightly. The years of planning and restoration that have often gone into historic homes make the decision to further renovate more complex. Over the years, we have worked extensively in the Historic Springfield, Riverside, and St. Johns Quarter communities- building a reputation of trust in historic home rehabilitation that is unrivaled by any other historic home company in Northeast Florida.

Our team of builders and designers approach every historic home rehabilitation project with excellence and attention to detail. We have experience conducting rehabilitations in the presence of original flooring, intricate woodwork, unique architectural details, or delicate plastering. At HomeCore we have the specialized skill and expertise required to handle these irreplaceable historical elements with care while mitigating any potential damage.

Administrative Approval, Streamlined

We realize that a historic home rehabilitation can be more involved than more standard residential renovations. At HomeCore we are very familiar with the approval process and strive to make the experience as stress free as possible for you. We provide assistance in completing the Certificate of Appropriateness (COA), including related administrative approvals and appearances before the Historic Commission. For historic home rehabilitations that involve altering the exterior appearance of the home, we also work to secure the additional COA’s that are required for each design component.

Over the years HomeCore has built great relationships with past and present board members, and as a part of our commitment to fully supporting our clients, we are happy to accompany you before the board, or even go on your behalf. Additionally, as a part of our proactive approach to historic rehabilitation, we work closely with architects who are current or previous board members, allowing us to anticipate hurdles early in the process and plan accordingly.

Historic Rehabilitation Marked By Excellence

At HomeCore, our Historic Home rehabilitations are marked by the hallmarks of excellence and prestige that homeowners across our community have come to expect. Whether you are wanting to improve the functionality of your historic home with the addition of modern touches, or address any cosmetic concerns, HomeCore can help you turn your vision for your historic home into a reality.

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